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Esaki Raja

Since the age of 16, I have been attracted to the field of creativity and animation, which made him pursue his diploma in animation at the tender age of 19. My dream for creating and giving life to lifeless subjects through animation, made I pursue my degree in B.SC VISCOM. During my college days, I was inspired by Iqbal Mohamed’s photographs, one of India’s leading photographer and the founder of Light and Life Academy. This made me realise my true passion. Following my passion, which lead me to that academy, and my dream became a reality when i met my idol- Iqbal Sir. This is the place, where all my creativity was tested and tuned into perfection. Uniqueness, Perfection, Beautification and Essence of subject - this is the way, I produces each and every picture. Currently, I  working to hone my skills in the art of photography, to attain the perfection I sees in the nature around me.

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